June 16, 2024

The Finals Battle

The Finals battle pass takes more than 100 hours to finish, and players are urging the dev not to make it such a huge time sink in the future. Players are feeling the burn as it takes a lot of time and effort to finish The Finals Battle Pass.

With 10 million players in just 15 days, The Finals had an incredibly successful launch. However, some players find the free-to-play shooter entertaining. Others find the grind of working their way through the battle pass to be too much.

There are 96 levels in the Season 1 pass, which is available until March 12. And gives users access to a variety of cosmetic items and in-game currencies. However, as gamers have found out, leveling up a single level might take an hour or longer, so at roughly 100 hours overall, it’s a major time waster.

Gamers have been expressing their annoyance on The Finals subreddit. CBTNotTheGameKind comments, “I don’t see how this is sustainable for the game.” “Battle passes do not take this long in any of the big games anymore.” The player notes that to make matters worse. The weekly challenges in the game are non-transferable, which they claim renders it “impossible to finish” unless you have an excessive amount of free time. “I hope the devs fix this in the next season because I can’t see myself buying the pass again if it stays how it is,” they stated.

The Finals:

Khmach1ne, who claims battle passes needing 100 hours or more “can’t become the norm” and calls them “not realistic,” is another person who is not a fan. Rather, they and others believe that The Finals ought to emulate games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Halo, which provide more accessible passes.

“As a community, we should push for a Halo Infinite-type pass,” declares JMC_Drewolf. “Once you purchase it, you may work toward it whenever you choose. You can choose which of your unfinished fight passes to go through if you have numerous of them.”

Not everyone disagrees with the current situation, though, since greater gameplay equates to better value. “I’m satisfied with the way it functions,” says Natan Katreniok. “I wouldn’t want to be done with the battle pass in the first month.” Additionally, BeastLordJ states that they “like how it works”. And reminds those who aren’t as enthusiastic that it’s an optional component of the experience.

The grind is all too real for those who don’t own battle passes. A top-ranked player recently passed out during a livestream while attempting to hold the top spot on The Finals leaderboard.

Regarding Season 2 plans, well, that’s up to speculation since developer Embark Studios refuses to provide a content roadmap for the first-person shooter because, quite rightly, it just wants to “make promises it can keep.”

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