June 20, 2024


This MMO charges $48,000 for a ship pack – three times the US annual minimum salary. For a tiny amount, Star Citizen offers over 220 ships. Somehow, a spaceship bundle in Star Citizen costs $48,000. As TweakTown first reported, Star Citizen has received its yearly ‘Legatus Ship Pack’ for 2023. You might wonder what makes a bundle for a spacefaring MMO so remarkable. We say that the only reason it costs an enormous $48,888.

That’s correct, $48,000 in US dollars. That is more than three times the yearly income of a US minimum wage worker. That makes up the great majority of the average yearly wage for workers in the United States, which Forbes predicted would be slightly less than $60,000 in 2023.

You may be wondering how much the big game Star Citizen would give you for this little fortune. Almost everything that had been released for Star Citizen at the time the pack went on sale is included, including paintwork, concepts, ship hulls, clothing, posters, and models—a total of 221 ships.

Legatus Ship Pack:

The reason the Legatus Ship Pack keeps getting more expensive is because new items are added to it, making it bigger and bigger. For instance, all of the ships and hulls released up until and including 2023 would be included in the ship pack for 2023, whereas nothing from the previous 12 months would be included in the pack for 2022.

During the previous year,  Legatus Ship Pack’s price has gone up by a sizable amount. The pack cost $40,000. The next year, in 2022, it increased to $42,000. It is unclear why the pack has increased in price to $48,000, but it is likely a reflection of the quantity of additional content that Star Citizen has released in the past year.

We can’t quite figure out whether or not people genuinely buy the Legatus Ship Pack since it’s so absurd. We can’t stop scratching our heads over this ridiculous price.

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