June 12, 2024
Epic Games

Epic Games Store Free Games List For December 2023

See the regularly updated list of free games that are now available for download for the month of December 2023. Every Thursday at 5:00 p.m., the Epic Games Store maintains its excellent practices by releasing one game every week that will add a little more depth to your library.

Epic Games

Epic Games Store Free Games platform

Through its Epic Games Store platform, Tim Sweeney’s company offers users a free game every week. To add a new title to your library, simply log in and download the priceless gift. The list of titles available for download from the Epic titles Store in December 2023 is provided here. Every Thursday at five o’clock in the evening, each new title takes precedence over the old one. Any updates to this article will be posted every week.

Jitsu Group

Beat’em up Jitsu Squad features quick-witted combat and amazing character transformations, drawing inspiration from Marvel vs. Capcom.

  • Duration of offer: November 30, 2023 – December 7, 2023
  • First release of the game: April 2022

The Mighty Fight Federation

In this arena fighting game, you can toss your opponents against walls, rocket them into the air, and then quickly strike them again. Select from 14 different characters, each with a unique style of play. Play solo bouts, team fights, or just get lost in the mayhem of a free-for-all.

Epic Games

  • Duration of offer: November 30, 2023 – December 7, 2023
  • First release of the game: March 2021

The top Steam games that are free to play

The Valve shop has a whole games category devoted to free games if you’re not too keen on the idea of downloading the Epic Games shop launcher. After a look at some of the greatest games available for free download on Steam, we move on from the well-known free-to-play titles that have long held the top spot in the popularity rankings.

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