June 16, 2024

Elden Ring DLC

Tomorrow, three minutes of Shadow of the Erdtree video will be shown in the much anticipated Elden Ring DLC teaser. The Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC can now be seen via the lens thanks to FromSoftware.
Finally, Elden Ring’s second DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, will be revealed by FromSoftware.

The first gameplay trailer for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will launch on Wednesday, February 21 at 7 am PST on Bandai Namco’s YouTube page, FromSoftware said in a tweet, capping months of speculation. FromSoftware said in a follow-up tweet that the gameplay reveal will last three minutes long and have multiple language subtitles. In sixteen hours, the first trailer for #ELDENRING Shadow of the Erdtree will be shown. Join us on February 20, 2024, at 15:00.

It comes after the free Colosseum upgrade in 2022, which let players engage in combat inside the enormous arenas dotted around the Lands Between.

Shadow Of The Erdtree:

For die-hard action RPG fans, the lengthy wait for the Shadow of the Erdtree addition has been unbearable, especially with Elden Ring’s second birthday approaching. The DLC appears to have started development soon after Elden Ring’s February 2022 release, although FromSoftware has been reticent to provide information.

Although one of the studio’s creators stated in December that it’s still “a little ways off,”. New records on Steam suggest the project is nearing completion as it appears to have transitioned from quality assurance to debugging.
I don’t want to place too much emphasis on it. But there’s a chance that tomorrow’s showcase will reveal the DLC’s release date. Especially since FromSoftware appears to be getting close to wrapping up the project. About fifteen hours will tell.

Joe Donnelly discovered the most formidable foe in the action role-playing game. It is Elden Ring, after over 400 hours of play. It is a harmless, haphazard teleporting knight that you might have completely overlooked.

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