June 22, 2024

Baldurs Gate 3

Baldurs Gate 3 player discovers the patched-out Raphael exploit is back, and the loot is even better now. The reintroduction of a cunning trick means that if you’re having trouble getting good armor in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can obtain one of the best sets of equipment as early as Act 1.

Baldurs Gate 3 Review are given by fans and can be seen on the internet. The Baldurs Gate 3 Gameplay offers a plethora of quests, each presenting unique challenges and moral dilemmas. It ensures that players are constantly engaged in their heroic pursuits. Baldurs Gate 3 trailer serves as tantalizing glimpses into the virtual realms that await players. Boss battles are the pinnacle of Baldurs Gate 3 Combat. Baldurs Gate 3 Guide help people to play effectively.

Act 3 Spoilers:

Reddit user Hope_bringer posts on Reddit, “Today I found out you can knock out a certain character in the camp, and they will drop a very very OP late-game item.” Raphael, BG3’s aspirant archdevil king, is the character they are discussing, and the amazing Helldusk Armour is the late-gate gear in question. “I recall that there used to be an exploit to knock him out before patch 5 and receive 1400 EXP, but all he lost was his diary. It seems that the Helldusk Armor is now dropped in its place.”

Normally, you may only view the Helldusk Armour set after you take it from Raphael’s body in the House of Hope. It’s a monstrous item that you get as a reward for finishing a difficult optional questline in Act 3. Among its many benefits are an armor class of 21, the ability to use heavy armor effectively, immunity to fire damage, and the Level 3 spell Fly. To obtain it, you must break into Raphael’s home in Avernus, which I wouldn’t recommend doing unless you are at least Level 11. It appears that Hope_bringer used the non-lethal toggle to their advantage to obtain it back in Act 1.

If you want to plunder prominent characters without killing them outright, non-lethal attacks are fantastic strategies to avoid murdering them. Non-lethal melee attacks or unarmed strikes cause NPCs to just faint after being reduced to 1HP. If you don’t want to be a horrible person and raid Emerald Grove with Minthara. You can also recruit her in Baldur’s Gate 3.


It seems that to steal the Helldusk Armour from a sleeping Raphael earlier than planned. If you don’t happen to run into Hope_bringer at one of his several Act 1 spawn places, a screenshot from the Reddit article depicts the aftermath of Hope_bringer using non-lethal strikes on Raphael. I’ve seen him show up in camp during the goblin or tiefling parties. And also after a protracted period of rest before passing via the Mountain Pass.

Hope_bringer appears to have flipped on their non-lethal toggle and begun swinging before speaking with him. This is something you might even be able to achieve at the Last Light Inn in Act 2. You’d better leave it outside the Thorm Mausoleum, though, as I’m not sure how Jaheira will handle all that noise.

I wouldn’t want to irritate Raphael so quickly; who knows whether the next time they cross paths, he might turn hostile against Hope_bringer. Nevertheless, the Helldusk Armor will be fantastic on their Tav—that is, until the devil shows up, of course.

Even though Raphael’s boss fight is optional and extremely challenging initially. It remains the best boss fight in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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