June 16, 2024


Ubisoft new Prince of Persia Game boasts a feature that every Metroidvania should have. Memory Shards seem like a revolutionary concept. Ubisoft has unveiled a map option for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown that is so clever that it should be used in every Metroidvania game in a new trailer detailing the game’s accessibility features.

Prince Of Persia Game PC is an amazing videogame. The Prince Of Persia Game Trailer was released by Ubisoft. Prince Of Persia Game Evolution is a captivating journey through the realms of time and technology. The Prince Of Persia Game For Android was a good experience. The Prince Of Persia Gameplay was wonderful and eye-captivating for fans.

Memory Shards:

Memory Shards” can be placed on the map using the Lost Crown. In essence, you snap a picture of where you are right now, pin it to the map, and then you can see the snapshot whenever you hover over the pin. Using this, you can quickly and easily annotate the map with locations that are inaccessible but that you may want to revisit once you gain access to new powers.

Senior gameplay programmer Cristophe de Labrouche says, “It’s a new feature for these kinds of games.” We’ve conducted numerous tests because we weren’t sure if the players would make use of it. And they adore it once they figure it out. They scatter them throughout the game. They make heavy use of it.”

Senior game designer RĂ©mi Boutin continues, “A lot of players said that it was helpful and that it seems natural.” “I think it pushes the boundaries for the genre, and I hope to see this feature in other games.”

It would be great to see this feature included in other games as well. It seems like a perfect fit for the Metroidvania subgenre and I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before. In its larger titles, Ubisoft has included screenshots of the maps. However, this has mainly been a social feature that allows you to share your in-game photos in games like Assassin’s Creed. I am very excited to try out this amazing map addition.

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