June 22, 2024

Baldur’s Gate

Genius Baldur’s Gate 3 player hoards the best items to create an “unhittable” AC 31 build that turns their bard into a no-hit wonder. A shrewd Baldur’s Gate 3 player used some math and strategic item hoarding to get their bard Tav up to an armor class of 31.

Reddit user Yervax declared, “I have become unhittable,” in a thread while flaunting a screenshot of their unbreakable Tav’s AC 31. “No attacks are touching me, except the rare Crit and saving throws. At all.” It’s safe to assume that Yervax is not lying because the higher your armor class, the more difficult it is to hit you.

It’s difficult to obtain an armor class of 31. The Baldur’s Gate 3 class you select usually determines your starting AC. Since Troubadour’s Wonder gives Yervax’s Tav +1, we can infer that they invested a lot of points in their Dexterity skill to obtain that +5 AC as a Bard.

A clever combination of equipped items accounts for most of Yervax’s armor class, leaving aside passive features and skills. Normally, I would try to distribute the best armor and weapons among my party, but Yervax made a different decision. Their Tav has an incredible armor class of 31, most likely because they decided to keep the majority of the best pieces.

AC 31:

Though Yervax’s AC mathematics are very impressive, if you’re not as well-equipped as he is, don’t panic. Based on everything mentioned above, as well as the brief sight of Lae’zel donning Ketheric Thorm’s armor next to their Tav. I figure Yervax is either nearing the conclusion of Act 2 or starting Act 3.

Exactly how did they accomplish this? It’s evident that their armor, which is probably medium armor, together with their high dexterity score initially raised them to an AC 22. They can be shielded up to 26 times. But they’ve also been equipped with the Cloak of Protection and Shield of Devotion. Quartermaster Tali sells outside the Last Light Inn, the Ring of Protection you get from Omeluum in the Underdark, and more, and one of two matching True Love’s Caress rings that bestow the wearer with the effects of Warding Bond. Evasive Shoes bought from tiefling child Mathis at Last Light Inn, add an extra +1 each, taking us up to 31.

That’s not the maximum, though, as different spells can raise your AC to the 40s or even 50s. So that’s still pretty good as a starting point. It’s also good that unless you’re one of those monsters who abandoned the Last Light Inn to its doom. It is obtaining this build isn’t too tough because none of these items are too hard to locate.

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