June 22, 2024

Supermassive Games

Supermassive Games continues to be primarily focused on the creation of its anthology The Dark Pictures. Even if it does allow itself occasional tiny detours with the publication of titles like The Quarry or The Casting of Frank Stone. Except for the VR episode, this series has already generated four episodes. Trademark filings revealed that the company was still planning more games over an extended time to maximize its licensing. Additionally, the next opus may be revealed very soon.

Heading To Space For The Next Episode:

Instead of celebrating the new year like everyone else by wishing good health and best wishes. Supermassive Games chose to tease the future announcement of the next episode of the anthology The Dark Pictures, all with a simple tweet accompanied by a GIF that says a lot about the nature of this opus.

This tweet indicates that the company is now focusing on space horror as part of its exploration of various horror subgenres with The Dark Pictures. Given that the brand’s emblem featured the moon, Directive 8020 may be the appropriate moniker for this new episode. If the leaked registered trademark data is to be believed.

It’s hard to tell right now, and the studio hasn’t said when the tension will release. Pay special attention to Supermassive Games‘ social media accounts to catch this announcement.

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