June 12, 2024

Nier Automata

The game Nier Automata Yoko Taro is about existential misery and trying to figure out why you should survive in this pointless universe. Ultimately, though, it’s also about discovering that humanity and purpose are in one another. Director Yoko Taro has also published a heartfelt letter that she wrote at the end of the year. It urges reform in both Israel’s increasing attacks in Gaza and Russia’s continuous invasion of Ukraine.

“When we reflect on 2023, it seems that the world was too harsh. In a message translated by machine learning and posted on 4Gamer, Taro states, “The war in Gaza is beginning, and the war in Ukraine hasn’t even ended.” “In 46 days, over 5,300 children died, according to UNICEF.”

Yoko Taro:

The renowned director claimed to feel completely useless while reflecting on these numbers. But in those depressing times, he remembers a story from his childhood in which his friend would give him advice on how to approach girls, according to Gosokkyu’s more thorough translation of co-host. His friend would argue that it’s a numbers game. You just need to ask someone out 100 times if the success rate is 1%.

Yoko Taro then takes a pragmatic turn, attempting to reframe those sentiments of helplessness into a probability game of a similar nature. And invited all readers to consider solutions to the ongoing crisis, if only for a brief while. Taro believes that these disputes may end if thousands of people work together to put an end to the needless violence. “One hundred persons equals one hundred minutes. That’s 1,000 minutes if there are 1,000 people, according to Taro. It could occur to someone to have an idea. That’s what I had on my mind today.

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