June 22, 2024

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth director explains how The Witcher 3, his favorite RPG, served as a “baseline” for what comes next. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been referred to by the director of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth as a “baseline” for the next JRPG.

Final Fantasy Series:

In an interview that appeared in Game Informer Magazine, co-director Motomu Toriyama was asked which role-playing games, outside of the Final Fantasy series, he loved most. Without thinking twice, he reportedly said, “CD Projekt Red’s groundbreaking fantasy game.” Not only is Geralt’s third excursion a personal favorite of Toriyama’s.  But it also seems to have shaped Rebirth’s entire strategy for side missions.

According to Toriyama, “We did some extensive research into titles like The Witcher 3. It has that open-world role-playing type element.” Next, Rebirth was designed to “stand alongside it and have the type of content that would be satisfying to its players,”. It uses The Witcher 3 as “a baseline.”

The Witcher 3:

Since its release eight years ago, The Witcher 3 has impacted innumerable open-world action RPG extravaganzas. Primarily because the little side quests are just as influential as the main quest. It makes sense that Square Enix would wish to expand on important side missions given Rebirth’s shift toward a larger play area. Also given that this was a major grievance with Final Fantasy 16.

In Rebirth, how does that truly show up? The group has already talked about the resurfacing world map from the original 1997 hit. And it sounds like Sephiroth is making a bigger appearance in the surroundings. At the very least, the additional room will be useful while searching for cards in the brand-new deck-building minigame. It is reminiscent of Gwent.

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