June 22, 2024


Stock for the PlayStation Portal is available if you know where and when to search. We’ve seen a lot of movement in the US in the previous two weeks between decreases at Best Buy and Amazon. In the UK, things move a little more slowly. We’re back to square one on the other side of the pond after a little replenishment at the end of the year, although we’d advise closely monitoring Amazon for the most recent developments.


With a few brief exceptions, Sony’s $199 / £199 remote player has not been available since it initially debuted, except at Walmart in the US and Sony in the UK. Although the shelves are currently somewhat empty, this is not our first experience. Since witnessing the PS5 hijinks, we’ve all learned a few things about stock tracking. We’ve compiled a list of all the stores that we know currently have PlayStation Portal available for purchase so you can easily check for updates.

Patience is the key in this situation. It’s just not worth providing scalpers the time or money they want by taking advantage of the situation, because the PlayStation Portal Stock will eventually return.

PlayStation Portal Stock Return:

Sony was optimistic that more of its inventory would be accessible in the US in “early December.” In the past several days, we have seen some businesses offer new units, although these reductions are very brief. We would anticipate that this stock shortage will last until the holidays are past, finally abating in the first few months of 2024.

PlayStation Portal Price:

The PlayStation Portal price is $199.99 / £199.99 / AU$329.95.

PlayStation Portal:

Although the PlayStation Portal is an expensive remote control, it might be really helpful if you frequently find yourself without access to the TV at night. With the DualSense controller encircling the tablet, you can enjoy the full PS5 experience without taking up the large screen. This improves the tablet’s usability and functionality compared to less expensive options like the Backbone One mobile controller (which also requires a phone to function). The PlayStation Portal, on the other hand, is limited to owners of a PS5, as it depends entirely on the console to project the action from the screen onto your Portal device. It is not advisable to purchase the PlayStation Portal if you do not own a PS5.

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