June 20, 2024


Fearing Nintendo takedown, the Palworld modding community bans links to Pokemon mods so that “lawyers don’t nuke all of us”. Pokemon mods are inevitably coming to Palworld, and modders are concerned about unintended consequences.

Discussions surrounding the survival game’s record-breaking launch have centered around the obvious similarities between Pokemon and Palworld. Since the endearing, legally distinct Pals can already be replaced with actual, straight-up Pokemon mods, the game’s developing modding community is drawing a line in the sand in the hopes that “Nintendo’s lawyers don’t nuke all of us”. For the benefit of the mod community as a whole, the Palworld Modding Community Discord, which is linked at the top of the recently established and quickly expanding PalworldMods subreddit, is separating itself from Pokemon mods. Server admin Archery 100 writes in a statement that was uploaded to Discord early this morning:

“Hey everyone, Many of you have probably been seeing everything there is to know about the Pokemon mod for Palworld. Even though the memes and other content are hilarious, the mod alone poses a serious risk to the community, so we’ll need to take safety measures to prevent Nintendo’s lawyers from suing the heck out of us all. Nintendo believes that the mod is extremely unlawful and is most likely using stolen assets.”

Palworld Modding:

Nintendo has previously pursued some mods and fan projects. Discussions on Discord are frequently included in DMCA lawsuits from various businesses. In light of this, the community has outlawed the sharing of Pokemon mod download links and any associated files. These rules state that violating them “will result in an immediate ban,”. But in the meantime, “casual discussion” with the moderator is allowed as long as no questionable content enters the Discord and remains legal.

“This community has a lot of potential, and this server has grown significantly in just a short time! Having said that, Archery 100 continues, “We want to make sure we can grow all of this together. So we want to take the required actions. After Pokemon comparisons, the Palworld lead dismisses legal concerns, saying, “We have no intention of infringing upon the intellectual property of other companies.”

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