June 20, 2024

Alan Wake 2

Remedy says Alan Wake 2 DLC won’t set up Control 2 but there will be “hints about things to come”. “We are not looking to repeat” Control’s AWE expansion “exactly,” according to Remedy creative director Sam. Recall how Control’s AWE expansion functioned as both a preface to the most recent survival horror sequel, Alan Wake 2, and a follow-up to Alan Wake? Even though Control 2 and the two confirmed expansions for it will include references to the sequel, Remedy claims it isn’t trying to duplicate that.

One expansion focuses specifically on the Federal Bureau of Control. Remedy creative director Sam Lake told Exputer not to expect Alan Wake 2 DLC to directly set up Control 2.

“The expansions allow us to glimpse aspects of our universe that were not able to explore in it otherwise,” Lake stated. We can’t wait to do this. Regarding the setup of it, we were pleased with what we were able to accomplish with Control’s AWE expansion. Nevertheless, we don’t intend to precisely duplicate that. The Federal Bureau of Control and its research facility at Cauldron Lake will be a major feature of The Lake House. You’ll have to wait and see how much more if any, hints about what’s to come in the Control sequel.”

Control 2:

It seems that Alan Wake 2 will not have the same direct DLC connection to Control 2 as Control’s AWE expansion did in teasing the sequel. Although I’m excited that Control 2’s plot will be hinted at. It appears Lake is attempting to temper expectations a little.

It’s also reasonable to assume that Control 2 will take a while to release. And Remedy is unlikely to want to give away too much by giving Alan Wake 2 DLC that goes too far into the story. When Mikael Kasurinen confirmed the Control sequel in November 2022, he stated that “it’ll take a while” to complete. More recently, Control 2 is still in the “proof-of-concept” phase, according to Remedy CEO Tero Virtala’s disclosure from last October. Even though it’s reasonable to assume that Control 2 won’t release as slowly as it is. It’s still very early in development.

It has been confirmed by Remedy that Alan Wake 2 will receive two expansions, Lake House and Night Springs, respectively. Lake House will link to the Control universe with an emphasis on the FBC. Night Springs will debut first and build upon the Twilight Zone-themed in-universe TV series of the same name. Although exact release dates have not been disclosed, both expansions are expected to be released at some point this year.

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