June 16, 2024

Destiny 2

As Destiny 2 players celebrate long-awaited character customization, Bungie stresses “We don’t have any current plans to monetize this” – or add a way to change races. Bungie is finally offering Destiny 2 players the option to change their character’s look, roughly ten years after the original game’s release. This allows players to change their hairstyle or decide they’re just sick of their character’s edgy Hot Topic model from ten years ago. A developer representative confirmed that this customization will stay free in a follow-up comment to GamesRadar+, citing “current plans.” The representative further clarified that there are no plans to add the ability to change your race (origin).

“We’re excited for players to be able to change their Guardian’s features such that they can continue to express themselves anytime, anywhere,” Bungie stated. “At this time, we have no plans to make money off of this feature. Furthermore, there are no plans to let players switch their starting origin.”

Character Customization:

There are several reasons why this clarification is crucial. First off, transmog fees—which can be avoided with a credit card. Eververse shaders and armor sets are examples of how Destiny 2 makes money off of the way your Guardian appears. It’s pretty typical for MMOs to allow users to change their character’s basic attributes. Like hair and eyes, for free, but to offer a paid option to completely redo them. Imagine being able to transform your cat girl into a bunny boy with Final Fantasy 14’s $10 Phial of Fantasia.

Since Destiny 2′s character customization did not include the ability to change your origin. That is, to transform an Exo into an Awoken. For example—I wondered if Bungie would include that feature in the future and whether it would come at a cost. There are no plans to change the race. But they, at least customization is available for free, without restrictions, and at last, at last. It’s almost here; the feature will be included in a later-in-the-year update, but before The Final Shape launches. The director of Destiny 2 casually reveals a change that has been requested by players for nine years.

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