June 22, 2024


Bethesda responds to complaints that modders are fixing Starfield faster than the actual devs. For a few months now, Bethesda has been releasing updates regularly to fix different Starfield bugs, and community modders have been fixing many of the same problems, sometimes more quickly. Following today’s beta release of the most recent Starfield patch, the studio has explained why modders may be able to handle bug fixes more quickly than the developers.

Community manager Robert ‘VaultOfDaedalus’ O’Neill explains in a Reddit thread on the patch notes that “official fixes and content additions have to go through lengthy certification and localization processes, especially for consoles (which is why the beta is only available for Steam users)”. Additionally, as a result of this, it is preferable to bundle fixes into more comprehensive updates that aim to reach branch milestones as opposed to releasing them on an as-needed basis. Additionally, it guarantees improved build testing once the updated code is integrated.”


Alongside official updates, projects like the Starfield Community Patch have been fixing bugs in the space RPG. If you’ve followed the modding scene for any previous Bethesda game, you should not be surprised by this. Unofficial patches are usually advised as the first addition to any Bethesda role-playing game. They are dating back to Morrowind, and this is probably not going to change with Starfield. Now that you know why Bethesda can’t always keep up with community bug fixes. At least you can find some solace in the fact that mods aren’t required to meet the same QA standards.

The community began requesting numerous additional Starfield fixes, and Bethesda has been promising to take care of them. It is planned to release new updates “roughly every six weeks.”

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