June 16, 2024

Mickey Mouse Game

Mickey Mouse Game took 12 hours to appear after the Disney mascot entered the public domain. Several online virtual adventures featuring the most well-known mouse in the world started to appear.

Nothing about the first is even somewhat reminiscent of Mickey‘s carefree initial appearance. The horror game, Infestation 88, has you and up to three players. It is “treating sinister infestations caused by twisted versions of classic characters and urban legends,”. One of which is an extremely terrifying rendition of the well-known and typically amiable Disney mascot.

In this chaotic top-down shooter, you take on waves of adversaries while playing as well-known fictional characters like Mickey Mouse Sherlock Holmes, and Winnie the Pooh.

Inverse Ninjas VS. The Public Domain:

“In our efforts to be the very first, Inverse Ninjas VS. The Public Domain has signed an extremely expensive licensing deal of $0.00. It is to acquire the exceptionally non-exclusive rights to the most widely beloved cartoon character of all time. It isn’t named Bugs Bunny: MICKEY MOUSE from the hit cartoon Steamboat Willie!”. Herosoft, the developer, announced the news in a Steam post.

Fans are especially hoping that Neowiz, the developer of the excellent Soulslike Lies of P draws inspiration from Pinocchio.

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