June 16, 2024

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 player announces ‘retirement’ after spending an entire month and 800 runs grinding all 7 of the action RPG’s rarest items.

A player of Diablo 4 is “retiring” after spending a whole month grinding for every ultra-rare item in the game.

That player would be the one seen in the image below, who took to the Diablo 4 subreddit to celebrate winning every Ancestral Unique item in the action RPG developed by Blizzard. For those who are not aware, Diablo 4’s Ancestral Unique items represent the highest level of rarity, so it makes sense that this player spent a whole month grinding for all seven of them.

The complete list of items consists of the following: the Melted Heart of Selig amulet, the Ring of Starless Skies, the Grandfather two-handed sword, the Ahavarion, the Spear of Lycander staff, and the Andariel’s Visage helmet. After months of post-launch support, that is every single ultra-rare item that Blizzard has added to Diablo 4 to date.

In the 800 ‘runs’ the player mentions there might be either Nightmare Dungeons or Helltide Events. We believe it’s the latter of the two extreme endgame-level activities, given the nature of how one ‘runs’ through Dungeons. Oh, and they had to be playing on its most challenging World Tier, which is Tier 4.

Uber Unique:

A player discovered in October that the drop rate for Uber Unique was only 2% when facing Season 2 boss Uber Duriel, but this new statistic makes the drop rates for Ancestral Unique items look downright cruel. Seven items in 800 runs mean this player got a drop rate of roughly 0.875%, which is pretty disheartening for other treasure hunters out there.

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