June 22, 2024

Hellblade 2 Brutal Combat

Hellblade 2 Brutal Combat should make you feel the hero’s “struggle in every step of her journey”. “It does feel very different from the first game”. Developer Ninja Theory claims that combat in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will be “very different from the first game.” Director of VFX for Hellblade 2, Mark Slater-Tunstill, speaks at Thursday’s Xbox Developer Direct 2024, calling the sequel’s fighting “brutal” and claiming that you’ll “feel [protagonist Senua’s] struggle in every step of her journey.”

The entire statement is as follows: “The sequel features entirely new combat. The ability to genuinely tell a story throughout it was one of our main objectives. Though it feels very different from the first game, you still feel a strong sense of immersion and brutality in this one. We want the player to experience Senua‘s struggle at every turn because she is not a superhero—rather, she is merely trying to survive. The player should always feel as though they barely made it through.”

The Last Of Us 2:

The showcase doesn’t contain much gameplay, but it does include a very dramatic battle scene in which a bloodied and worn-out Senua desperately fights off several assailants. It looks incredibly brutal. Her guttural cries punctuate her extreme desperation, as every swing of her sword seems like it might be her last before she collapses. She reels back at every attack her enemies launch.

Though this is a very crude, rash analogy, it makes me think of The Last of Us 2’s close-quarters scenes. I can’t wait for this game, man. Hellblade 2 will only be available for purchase on May 21st, according to Ninja Theory, giving us a short while longer to endure this delightfully macabre journey. This is our guide to the upcoming Xbox Series X games of 2024 and beyond, covering everything that Microsoft has planned.

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