June 16, 2024

Pre Release Version Of Persona 5

The Pre Release Version Of Persona 5 reportedly leaks from a private auction, seemingly showing different music and character models. ‘Last Surprise’ could hardly be imagined in any other way. Unexpectedly, a pre-release build of Persona 5 has surfaced online, revealing altered tracks and omitted features.

Persona 5 or “debug build,” is a version that is six months ahead of its September 2016 Japanese release. Other than the statement made by the person who first posted it online, there is nothing to support this claim as true.

A person on Twitter is asserting that the build originates from a 20-disc private auction. There a pre-release copy of Persona 5 was allegedly found on some of the discs. It’s unclear why the 20 discs were put up for auction in the first place, or if this is all the information the user was able to extract from them.

There are reportedly entirely different versions of songs like Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There and Last Surprise in the pre-release version of Persona 5. Since Persona 5 opens the entire game alongside the animated film. It is that opening track in particular has become somewhat of a symbol for the game. It’s interesting to learn that Persona 5 originally featured a different version of this song.

No Mo Rules:

This Persona 5 version also includes various character models. One instance that has been making the rounds is a pre-release build of Ryuji that has different writing on his t-shirt than what was in the final version of the role-playing game. In this build, the t-shirt that says “No Mo Rules” in the game instead says “Fuck’in Rules.”

The size of the Persona 5 pre-release build that the auction winner was able to obtain is unknown. We’ll have to wait and see for a few more days to find out. But it could very well be the entire game, suggesting that there may still be a ton of other hidden features for users to discover.

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