June 20, 2024


GTA 5 actor offers advice to the GTA 6 cast: “The most important thing is that the fans are the game”.  “It’s the fans that make it”. The voice actor from Grand Theft Auto 5 who plays Michael de Santa has given the GTA 6 cast advice. It is telling them to embrace their “fifteen minutes of fame” and capitalize on the excitement of the fan base.

Ned Luke was asked what advice he would give the actors playing Lucia and Jason. The main characters in Grand Theft Auto VI, in an interview with IGN. Luke said that although neither actor has been identified yet. They should “get ready” for the barrage of publicity that will undoubtedly follow. Particularly since video game characters can now appear remarkably lifelike in comparison to their actors.

Grand Theft Auto 5:

Luke remarked, “I don’t know if they have any idea what they’re in for,” pointing out that although the three characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 do resemble their respective actors, “the graphics are so much better” with “these characters.” Luke interprets this to suggest that the actors portraying Lucia and Jason “are going to look exactly like” them. It is making them much more recognizable than we were.

He believes that GTA 6 will be a huge success for the new actors because of this realism and the growth of social media in the ten years since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. In light of this, he gives one very particular piece of advice, stating that it is the same as what he told himself ten years prior: “Take full advantage of your fifteen minutes. Enjoy those 15 minutes while you can, since they are a rare gem. It may last ten years, just like us.”

Luke adds, “They need to remember, the most important thing is that the fans are the game,” in his discussion of the need to embrace the fan base. The fans are the game, not Rockstar or ourselves. They are the ones who succeed and bring in billions of dollars for Rockstar. The most important thing I could say is to value your fans. You also don’t say, “No no no, that’s not me, he’s a cartoon,” when someone names you Lucia or Jason.”

Grand Theft Auto 6:

In contrast to the other two members of the GTA 5 triumvirate, actor Steven Ogg has attempted to separate himself from the role of Trevor. And this last remark is a rather sharp jab at him. Notwithstanding Ogg’s stance, it’s intriguing to listen to Luke talk about the importance of prioritizing the community. Particularly because Grand Theft Auto 6 is still a ways off. It’s unlikely that we’ll find out for a while who plays Lucia and Jason. But it will be intriguing to watch how Rockstar decides to involve the fan base from now until 2025.

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