June 20, 2024

Creations Hub Fiasco

Following the Creations Hub Fiasco, Skyrim fans batten down the hatches for another update. “RIP all those pretty modlists”. As Bethesda releases a new update for its grand fantasy role-playing game, Skyrim, fans are bracing themselves for the worst.

A new update for Skyrim is supposedly on the way, which will address Creations’ teething issues. Back in December, Bethesda released a new update for Skyrim that combined Creation Club content and mods into one location known as the Creations menu. This was perceived by many as another attempt by the company to push paid mods, and to make matters worse, players discovered that many of Skyrim’s existing mods no longer functioned properly.

In a message posted on Nexus Mods, Bethesda stated, “We hope to implement a Skyrim patch this week (the week of January 15th) to primarily address some reported issues with the new Creations menu.” “Although the precise timing is still up in the air, we wanted to let you know and will provide you with more information soon, including patch notes. Once again, I appreciate all of your ongoing comments.

Fans aren’t excited about this update’s arrival. And many are pleading with Bethesda to leave Skyrim alone in light of the problems the previous one caused. According to user Profanitizer on the Skyrim Mods subreddit, “I haven’t even gotten my mod list up to date with 1.6.1130 yet”. Dora_I remarks, “An additional update. Really? As DingoOfTheWicked comments, “This game is so old you’d think they gave up already, but nooo, they keep coming with the updates. Just leave Skyrim alone.” I miss all of those lovely modlists.”


Of course, turning off Skyrim updates is one way to prevent problems when using mods. And it appears that many players have already done this. “I haven’t updated since the last time,” Gwynedhel remarks. “I’ve been on the same playthrough since November, so it would ruin my game if I allowed it.” The user Romatebitegel says, “I’m still using 1.5.97 and couldn’t be happier with it.”

However, there’s a good chance that the introduction of this patch won’t result in the same degree of chaos. Because it appears to be a fairly minor one intended to fix a few persistent bugs rather than one intended to introduce significant changes. In either case, we’ll find out in a few days.

The “biggest Starfield update yet” is also scheduled to be released this week. It is bringing with it graphical enhancements for NPCs and space exploration in addition to over a hundred fixes.

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