June 20, 2024


This huge Starfield mod lets you become a freelance ship designer with a new quest system, full voice acting, and more. Now, Starfield’s greatest features have been turned into a mod.

You’ll adore this enormous new mod if you like creating ships in Starfield. It includes a new quest system, complete voice acting, and other features that let you work as a freelance ship designer.

One of modder codegangsta’s “ambitious” projects, Astroneer: Become a Starship Designer, allows players to concentrate on what is perhaps one of The Huge Starfield Mod greatest features. The mod features a fully voiced NPC named Aria Collins, a brand-new radiant quest system that allows players to construct themed ships from the mission board, and a comprehensive progression system that awards players for finishing builds.


Codegangsta made a video to demonstrate the mod that resembles the teaser for an upcoming science fiction film. Additionally, the mod’s creator has provided players with an overview of the mod, covering topics such as starship encounters, ship upgrades, and shipbuilding. A detailed description of the mod is available on Nexusmods.

A standout feature of this mod is the ship contracts. It offers players a range of new contracts from the mission board, “each tailored to a specific type of vessel.” Additionally, a new progression system will reward you with Salvage resources, credits, and Experience points for finishing tasks.

The most remarkable of all is probably Aria Collins. It is described as “your guide and collaborator in the shipbuilding world.” You will be able to interact with the new NPC in addition to seeing her around. Because she will collaborate with you on all of your projects.

One of the most comprehensive Starfield modifications we’ve seen to date is this one. There is also the enhanced food mod, which adds plates to your spaceship’s dinner table, and the loading-free mod. Which eliminates any wait times you experience while exploring the galaxy. And let’s not overlook the Starfield mod, which adds the famous ‘Fus Ro Dah’ shout and is inspired by Skyrim.

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