June 16, 2024


Todd Howard said Starfield was a much harder RPG pre-release, and this early Starmap reportedly found in the game files makes that even clearer. Starfield’s Starmap appears to have cut features and hazards in an outdated version.
Following the release of Starfield, Todd Howard, the head of Bethesda, revealed that before the team “nerfed the hell out of it,” space exploration and planetary hazards were far riskier. It appears that an ancient copy of the RPG’s Starmap has been found by a Starfield detective, and it provides some insight into the potentially more severe nature of the game.


This outdated Starmap was first shared by Reddit user Redsaltyborger. It is technically unofficial and may be a sophisticated hoax, though that seems unlikely at the moment. At first glance, it looks a lot like the final map, but it also has a few important features that were ostensibly cut at some point.
The list of threats on the far right, which includes “micrometeoroids” that “can cause catastrophic stop” and “solar radiation” that can “cause light hull damage,” is what stands out to me. Notably, these dangers are stated beneath a fuel consumption meter.

Howard spoke about ship fuel in a different comment from October 2022. “As we were playing it, the guy started to feel very punished. The game would end abruptly if your ship ran out of fuel, he claimed. All you want to do is go back to your work. We just made a change to the system so that the fuel in your ship, together with the ship and the grave drive. It restricts the maximum distance you may travel at once without running out of fuel. We’re currently doing that, but perhaps an update or mod will enable that in the future.”

Starmap Risks Tab:

The Starmap risks tab is located just to the left of what appears to be a route or map filter for “systems,” “planets,” or “economy.” Who knows how they would have worked, but the “economy” option in particular suggests a more complex trading or networking structure.

The brief explanations for each system seem to allude to the kinds of interactions you can anticipate from certain locations. It has also become popular among Starfield gamers. The legend behind the name Leviathan in this image is as follows: “Early explorers recorded Leviathan as a mineral-rich but otherwise unimpressive system. Moons in the system were once utilized by pirate crews to store their treasure. Constellation informs the explorer that it is against the law to retrieve stolen things.” I assume you may unearth some pirate booty and precious minerals, then.

We don’t know how or when these features were removed. Or how far along they were before appearing to be dropped. Some Starfield gamers are itching for a more intense, perilous survival experience. While others genuinely like the final map’s appearance and features. Reactions to these breadcrumbs have been divided. Refined iterations will find their way back into the game through patches, as Howard has proposed about ship fuel. The Starfield space RPG community is feeling hopeful about the future thanks to Bethesda’s vision for early 2024.

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