June 22, 2024


Pokemon speedrunner who beat a seemingly unbeatable world record gets banned from the leaderboards amid allegations of cheating for cash.

A run that looked too fantastic to be true attracted additional attention. One Pokemon Red speedrunner established a world record a year ago. It was so amazing that many people in the community believed it would never be beaten. The keepers of Pokemon speedrunning have now deemed Jadiwi’s world record too good to be true. They are suggesting that cheating was used to achieve the incredible run. That seemed to have been accomplished by the runner last month. The Pokemon Cartoon Series is just amazing. Pokemon Journeys Ash’s primary goal remains unchanged.

On January 25, a runner by the name of Pokeguy set the first (and still-recognized) Pokemon Red world record with a time of 1:44:03. It was soon acknowledged as “the greatest WR ever set in Pokemon speedrunning.” Even if there are certain technical areas where the run could have been better, the run is so reliant on luck that there are extremely slim chances of performing well when playing at a world-record location. Pokeguy retired from the category a few months after setting his record since it was so low. Pokemon Movie 2022 was so good.

Shortly before PokeGuy broke his fabled record, Jadiwi had joined the world of Pokemon speedrunning and quickly began smashing records in a variety of the series’ games. Among those records, the largest one was undoubtedly Jadiwi’s 1:43:52 in Pokemon Red. The community had been skeptical of Jadiwi’s quick ascent to the top of the world record standings, and this new record triggered a covert inquiry by the Pokemon speedrunning moderation team. The lyrics To The Pokemon Song are just amazing. Pokemon Cartoon In Hindi were watched by many people.


Since then, the moderation team has released a lengthy document explaining their examination of Jadiwi’s records. They state their findings that they have “sufficient evidence to accuse Jadiwi of cheating and to remove Jadiwi effective immediately from all PSR [Pokemon Speedrun] leaderboards, leaderboard moderation duties. And ban him from submitting further attempts to the leaderboards.”

The important point is that the moderators have discovered proof that Jadiwi’s Red record was pre-recorded before being streamed on Twitch. They point out that this would not have been an issue if Jadiwi had claimed the run was recorded from the beginning. He was notified that he was being banned for cheating as he failed to submit such information. Soon later, a letter purportedly from Jadiwi surfaced on Pastebin, in which he not only seemed to admit to splicing his record attempts together out of several save states but also admitted to doing so.

A further twist to all of this is that money was involved. To encourage other runners, certain Pokemon speedrunners had placed financial bounties on different record milestones. Jadiwi’s Red record alone would have earned $6,000 in prizes before it was disqualified. Jadiwi’s apparent confession hints at cheating in various other games.


“In hindsight, it is easy to say that the mod team was too lenient with Jadiwi and that we should have gone public with our suspicions. And asked for a higher standard of proof from Jadiwi earlier,” the mod team states in their report. But, because of respect for Jadiwi, we were prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. And he exploited this circumstance. The mod team is sorry for letting this continue for so long. We are reviewing our procedures for confirming the validity of runs that are entered into the leaderboard. And we’ll be careful to make sure that this doesn’t happen again in the future.”

The literal pinnacle of Super Mario Bros speedrunners is 22 frames away.

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