June 12, 2024

Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws release window speculation set aflame by a now-deleted line buried deep in a Disney Parks blog. It appears that a hastily removed sentence that was tucked away in a Disney Parks blog post misled readers into believing that Star Wars Outlaws would open in late 2024.

One entry in a recent blog post detailing the Disney experiences scheduled for 2024 is devoted to gaming. And the impending release of it. According to the original story, “The Open World is set to release late this year.” Now that it’s been updated, the post states that the game is “set to release in 2024.”


Outlaws was supposed to be released in 2024, but that comment about it being out “late this year”. It seemed to give it a far more concrete release date, attracting attention from websites like IGN. The coverage was so widespread that someone had to go back and change the original sentence. In my opinion, the original intent was probably to state “later this year,”. It would apply regardless of when the game releases—in February or December.

Naturally, it’s a pretty safe bet that Outlaws will launch in 2024, albeit somewhat later than expected. This is just conjecture on my part. But I believe we would have seen more gameplay by now if the game were prepared for release in the upcoming months. For now, simply anticipate Outlaws at some point in the coming year.

A “deeply immersive” open-world game, Star Wars Outlaws is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated Star Wars games of the future.

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