June 20, 2024

Resident Evil 2

A single developer is turning the original into an FPS complete with tank controls. It’s House of the Dead, but an independent developer is redoing the original as a first-person shooting game.

Playing the original Resident Evil 2 is no longer a simple task. If you’re lucky enough to have a Dreamcast, GameCube, or N64 hanging around along with a ton of cash, you may try your hand at getting your hands on it for PC. Given that the brand-new Resident Evil 2 Remake is out, Capcom doesn’t have a motive to make the old game playable these days.


Therefore, fans like PerroAutonamo must bring the beloved survival horror game back to life. The video that follows shows how the lone developer managed to make it a first-person shooter. It features a brief scene of the overrun Raccoon City outside the police station, where Claire Redfield appears to be shooting zombies.

A developer on Itchio is creating a first-person shooter version of the original, and even in its unpolished condition, it’s fantastic.

Furthermore, the latest first-person shooter remake features tank controls, exactly like the original Resident Evil 2. I apologize if you thought you would be dodging zombies like in Doom; the whole process is far more laborious than that. Nonetheless, fans of horror games may find the small throwback to appeal to their nostalgic side.

If you would want to take a look at the creation, visit the Itch.io shop page. Word to the wise: If you’re having trouble accessing its demo, PerroAutonamo suggests that you press ‘E’ on your keyboard.


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