June 16, 2024


Even though Sony’s chairman claims that the PlayStation studio employs a lot of “great creative minds,” the studios still need to sharpen their business sense. Hiroki Totoki states that there is “room for improvement.”
Sony’s new chairman feels that the PlayStation studios need to understand the business better after four months in his new role.
During an earnings call earlier this week, Hiroki Totoki, the current chairman of Sony and the company’s acting CEO until Jim Ryan leaves in April 2024, discussed his initial impressions of the business. October 2023 was when Totoki took up his new role. Via a translator, Totoki stated that Sony had “room for improvement,” particularly “when it comes to the business.”

Play Station Studios:

In the brief time he has been chairman, Totoki reportedly “had as many meetings as possible with the management team” and visited developers who are employed by PlayStation Studios, according to VGC.
“I don’t think people get that.” “I think that is the organization’s problem,” continues Totoki. The chairman goes on to commend the highly motivated developers who work in the PlayStation studios. They are highly motivated, possess outstanding creative ideas, and are skilled in live broadcasting.


The CEO goes on, “I think there is room for improvement in terms of the business,” after saying that. And it has to do with prudent financial management. Respect the development schedule and fulfill their development responsibilities. I have made those sincere observations. Subsequently, Totoki declares that he will continue to meet with employees from across the board. so that we can determine the best course of action.

The chairman stated that there were no new “major existing franchise titles” during the earnings call. Before April 2025, the PS5 version will be available. This suggests that neither the God of War nor Marvel’s Spider-Man game franchises will be getting any new releases anytime soon. It was also revealed that the PS5 is approaching “its latter stage of life cycle.”

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