June 16, 2024


Update ruins Minecraft streamer’s 200-hour challenge just one week after he completed it: “Oh my god this whole playthrough was for nothing”. A week after finishing a ridiculously challenging version of the most played challenge in Minecraft. A streamer had spent 200 hours on it, only to have the ultimate achievement nullified by an update.

Skyblock in Minecraft is that challenge. With just a few basic items, you can begin farming a few key types of blocks on this tiny island that floats in a vast, endless void thanks to this mod. You need to know a lot about the most complex systems in Minecraft to use Skyblock. You have to create complex systems of item farms. And carefully plan areas for important mobs to spawn and rely mostly on a network of villager trading because there is no earth to mine or ground to walk on.

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Skyblock Challenge:

To complete the Skyblock challenge, streamer SmallAnt set out to obtain every achievement in the gameā€”or, to use more appropriate terminology, every advancement. While some advancements in Skyblock are unachievable, SmallAnt went to work gathering the majority of them.

SmallAnt kindly condensed that effort. It spanned just under 200 hours of in-game time, into a 35-minute video that was released last week. It makes for entertaining viewing, complete with amusing tales of how he managed to spawn turtles by finding the beach biome in an unmodified version of his world seed. And then setting up some sand and water at those coordinates in the Skyblock world. Or how he accidentally destroyed the powdered snow he’d labored for twenty hours.

Building a lava farm, which necessitates access to pointed dripstone, was one of the main obstacles to all of this. That would normally be mined from dripstone caves, which are nonexistent in a Skyblock universe. Pointed dripstone can only be obtained by spawning wandering traders. This meant constructing a farm, more than ten thousand building blocks, a portal, and those turtles mentioned earlier. Traders would only spawn every five hours. Even with the farm built, and even then, their chances of carrying the dripstone were only 10%.


One last task was what SmallAnt had in mind. gathering a companion. In this instance, that meant a blue axolotl, an extremely uncommon variety of the aquatic mob with a 1 in 1,200 chance of spawning upon breeding. This of course meant building another farm, and this one would be especially elaborate.

The issue with axolotl farms is that they need clay, which in Skyblock can only be obtained by finishing a raid and from mason villagers while you’re wearing the “hero of the village” buff. SmallAnt “built a raid farm, did some raids. And it stood in the center of a summoning circle as the long-nosed masons threw clay all over my body” using “the combined resources of everything” built for the challenge.

The challenge was eventually finished when the blue axolotl showed up. Following the construction of the axolotl farm, the production of several hundred buckets, and the waiting for the 1 in 1,200 spawn. This was first completed in the middle of 2022, barely a week before the release of Minecraft 1.19. It allows you to obtain clay by just placing some mud on top of some dripstone.

After his video, SmallAnt says, “Oh my god, this whole playthrough was for nothing.” Additionally, SmallAnt defeated an absurd Pokemon challenge last year after 1,786 attempts.

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