June 22, 2024


An unearthed interview with Satoru Iwata shows how the DS informed 20 years of Nintendo: “When it comes to entertainment, I think we know the best”. “Everything Nintendo is going to create shall be very varied and revolutionary”.

DS Nintendo Switch:

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Satoru Iwata, the late president of Nintendo, oversaw the release of the DS and Wii, which contributed to the start of the company’s current era. Iwata’s explanation of the concept behind the development of those two systems in a recently discovered 2004 interview shaped Nintendo’s final two decades.

Longtime gaming writer Stephen Totilo was originally interviewed for a New York Times feature. However, the story ultimately only used two quotations from the whole conversation with Iwata. Twenty years later, Totilo has finally transcribed some of the interview’s more significant passages for his Game File newsletter. It is revealing some intriguing new information from Iwata.
The PSP, a far more sophisticated handheld gaming device with superior graphics, was scheduled to compete against the DS in 2004. Iwata talked down the significance of graphics improvements in this interview, despite the PSP appearing to be the clear front-runner in the upcoming console war before the release of both systems.

“We have come to understand that we are reaching limits in this direction,” Iwata stated. “Nintendo has always been a global leader in the entertainment industry. And I believe we are the finest in this regard. In the entertainment industry, people will eventually grow weary of whatever exquisite or amazing creation we manage to create.”

Satoru Iwata:

The business, according to Iwata, “believes that we need a paradigm shift in this industry.” New control techniques to help broaden the gaming audience were part of that paradigm shift. Which Nintendo was about to implement with the DS and would later intensify with the (then undisclosed) Wii.

Iwata’s predecessor, Hiroshi Yamauchi, also had a significant impact on the DS’s course. Iwata stated that Nintendo’s hardware development team had started “working on what they should do with the successive machine after the SP” after completing work on the GBA SP. This is precisely when Mr. Yamauchi put forth the notion that, “Look, you need to adjust to some dynamic change, which may include adapting two screens.”

Iwata claimed that after talking with Shigeru Miyamoto about the idea of adding a touch panel. He was persuaded by the dual-screen notion. “There were many discussions about different ideas and possibilities. But the finalization of the idea to include the touch panel was, I think, mainly due to Mr. Miyamoto’s judgment,” Iwata stated.

You should click the above link to view some more quotes if you’re interested in seeing more. This is exciting stuff, especially since it looks like Nintendo will reveal its next platform this year. In light of that, Iwata said one final thing that seems very pertinent in 2024.

“Come to think about it, whatever future product Nintendo might make. It’s not the small changes we are going to be introducing,” Iwata stated. “Nintendo is planning to produce a wide range of innovative products. I fear that people will become weary of it quickly if we are unable to implement that kind of significant change.”

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