June 16, 2024

Magical Escape Game Dedicated To Aladdin Has Arrived In Paris

Magical Escape Game has been welcoming guests to an enchanting realm since December 16! The narrative immerses us in the enchanted realm of Aladdin, presenting us with a new antagonist lusting for retribution: the sorcerer Abanazar, the original Aladdin protagonist. Players have been given the vital task of finding the lamp and saving Arabia while they are imprisoned in his palace.

This adventure, like many escape games, promotes collaboration, helping one another out, and introspection. It’s still a manageable challenge, even though the degree of difficulty is still reasonable, making this an adventure suitable for families with children as young as ten.

Agrabah Escape:

Agrabah Escape offers happy, mysterious, and cooperative experiences. With its cutting-edge ideas and captivating encounters,Magical Escape Hunt never fails to captivate fans of escape games. The book “Aladdin and the Magic Chest” is now included, promising readers an unforgettable journey through the enchanted realm of fairy tales. In the center of the City of Lights, allow the charm of this new experience to enthrall.

In a unique twist, the magical escape game seamlessly weaves elements of Paris into the Aladdin theme. Imagine exploring the bustling streets of Paris while on a quest inspired by Aladdin’s adventures. It’s a fusion of two magical worlds, creating an experience that resonates with both fans of the classic tale.


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