June 22, 2024

Epic Games Store

About the Epic Games Store Advent Calendar, things get serious today. The following free game is now accessible. Where to put the stage?

Over the next weeks, PC gamers will be in for a treat. An advent calendar that, in recent years, has become a must-attend occasion. To mention a few, the publisher had previously provided the most recent Tomb Raider trilogy, Grand Theft Auto V, and Borderlands 3. The company would go one step further in 2023 and give away 17 games for free over the holidays. The second is accessible.

The Second Free Epic Games Store Christmas Game Available:

At last, things get serious. In actuality, the EGS Advent Calendar will start this afternoon. Destiny 2 Legacy Collection, a bundle of three significant DLCs that was accessible for over a week. Final hours for those who arrive late, as a new free game from the Epic Games Store will take its place starting at precisely 5 p.m. Following that, the yearly celebration will resume customarily, with one large gift each day. It’s officially confirmed that the free game for Wednesday, December 20th, from the Epic Games Store has leaked. It leaves you the agonizing hour it usually takes to find out the intriguing title presented.

DNF Duel is therefore now accessible. The well-known characters from the Dungeon & Fighter franchise are gathered in this 2D fighting game. Fighters can participate in training mode, ranking matches, and multiplayer, among other game modes. This free game from the Epic Games Store has received harsh criticism for its lack of tracking, substance, and balance, even if it isn’t horrible in and of itself.

The Next Free Game:

As a result, the player ratings across the various platforms are above average, with DNF Duel leaving them wanting more. Having said that, you can download it for free from the Epic Games Store, so there’s no cost to give it a try. We would like to remind you that it will once again become paid on December 21 at 5:00 p.m. This cycle will extend until January 4, 2024, at which point the final gift will be accessible through January 11.



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