June 22, 2024

Lovecraftian Horror Game

Lovecraftian Horror Game The Sinking City is back on Steam nearly four years after a huge publishing dispute. At last, Frogwares is the sole owner of the original game’s rights. After a disagreement with its first distributor, the Lovecraftian horror game The Sinking City is once again available on PC.

When publisher Nacon and developer Frogwares ended their agreement in August 2020, The Sinking City was taken off of all PC and console storefronts. The developer claimed at the time that this was due to a breach of intellectual property rights and a lack of payment.

Frogwares objected to Nacon’s republishing of The Sinking City on Steam and PS4/Xbox One stores in February 2021 of the following year. Nacon asserted that he had fulfilled the financial requirements of the initial publishing deal, but he also stated that the developer had “hacked” the new game version.

Nacon’s version of The Sinking City was taken down by Frogwares via DMCA in retaliation, and in March 2021 it was taken down from Steam once more. Frogwares declared earlier this month that it had finally assumed the role of “sole” publisher of The Sinking City. It is retaining all rights to the original game, nearly three years later in January 2024.


The Frogwares statement below says, “We’re happy to put this whole thing behind us. And we look forward to sharing more news about the future of the franchise very soon.” Unfortunately, the updated version of The Sinking City will not allow you to use your old PC saves.

We have some exciting news, folks! The Sinking City is now published exclusively by Frogwares across all platforms! We’re relieved to have finally put this behind us and anticipate sharing more updates regarding the franchise’s future soon. Kindly read our entire statement here. January 2, 2024: twitter.com/IxWblqbYmP

Yesterday, January 16, saw the final republishing of The Sinking City on Steam, GOG, and Gamesplanet. It will also be available “soon” on the Epic Games Store. The latest version also includes optimizations and bug fixes. All players will receive free DLC from the Deluxe and Necronomicon editions. Frogwares has not, however, made any announcement regarding the republishing of The Sinking City on gaming consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Frogwares may already have plans to republish The Sinking City on console storefronts. Or they may even be working on another installment in their Lovecraftian horror series. Either way, it appears that they will be providing us with more information about the series “very soon.”

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