June 16, 2024

ADGQ Resident Evil 2

This ADGQ Resident Evil 2 no-damage speedrun is so stressful even the runner can’t believe they pulled it off. It’s not something for the weak of the heart. Though it was a stressful journey, a Resident Evil 2 speedrunner accomplished the unthinkable by beating the game on Hardcore difficulty without suffering any damage.

Yesterday, January 16, Speedrunner Carci bravely attempted the feat as part of the ongoing Awesome Games Done Quick 2024 event. The runner had ninety minutes to finish Claire’s ‘A’ route on the most difficult setting in the horror remake without receiving even one hit. It was a stressful run due to that time and the no-hit requirement.

You can see some of the more stressful moments of the speedrun in the tweet thread below. Although the complete speedrun replay isn’t yet accessible, you can watch some of the run’s most exhilarating moments, like when Carci crashes into Mr. X through a door and has to quickly avoid those awful bugs in the sewers’ outstretched claws.

Speedrunner Carci:

Other extremely tense moments can be found in the thread above, like when a zombie reanimated next to Claire in the police station morgue or when a Licker somehow came back to life and attempted to take a chunk out of her. It’s not any less stressful when you know a jump scare is on the horizon, as Carci most definitely did.

Not only did Carci finish the speedrun, but they were also under stress during it, which is what sets it apart. Although AGQD events have previously featured runs of Resident Evil 2. This is the first time that a no-hit run has been attempted. Just below, you can see the speedrunner’s expression of pure relief upon accomplishing the feat. As everyone in the room relaxed their glutes together.

Carci is in disbelief that he managed to pull off the entire performance live on stage. In another tweet, the speedrunner wrote, “Finally, I can relax.” Nobody is going to deny Carci a very long sleep after all that. For a comprehensive list of where to find every weapon in Capcom’s horror remake. You should refer to our comprehensive Resident Evil 2 guns guide if you’re playing it through on your own.

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