June 22, 2024

Homeworld 3

A second postponement of Homeworld 3 Steam Next Fest demo is announced in response to comments made by attendees who were not allowed to “play through the full game.”

The Homeworld 3 is presently scheduled for release on Steam on March 8, having already been delayed from its original release date of early 2023. That was originally scheduled for May 13, but it will launch on May 10 for those who can access it through the game’s premium editions. The delay was announced right in the middle of the Steam Next Fest demo for the game.

“It is always an equally thrilling and nerve-wracking moment,” publisher Gearbox Publishing and developer Blackbird Interactive said in a statement. Recently, we brought together a committed group of gamers from outside our businesses to complete the entire game. This led to new perspectives and insights that will be included to make Homeworld 3 the greatest experience imaginable.

“It is to say that players have been anticipating this upcoming iteration. And thus we sincerely thank you for that. We’ll keep you informed about our developments going forward.

Steam Next Fest:

Fortunately, Steam Next Fest is still open until February 12th. So there are still a few days left to state your need for sci-fi RTS action. Blackbird should have more time to respond to comments from the trial period. And the many internal playthroughs it reportedly conducted thanks to this delay. Hey, at least we know it’s almost done, and what’s a couple more months at this point? (Actually, it’s going to take a few more months. It might be particularly upsetting for those who tried the demo recently and were anticipating the debut. But I’m straying off topic.)

Homeworld 3 was our original dream for Homeworld 2,” Blackbird founder Rob Cunningham previously stated. He went on to say that he waited 20 years to create the ideal real-time strategy game. It is “way easier to play”.

Homeworld 3, as our friends at Edge noted, realigns the classic RTS with a new generation while capturing its essence.

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