June 20, 2024

Counter Strike

The Counter Strike maker of one of the most iconic maps says he regrets selling it to Valve. “Had I known then how big CS: GO and now CS2 would be, I would never have sold it” The maker of one of the most well-liked maps for Counter-Strike is suffering from severe seller’s regret. Eleven years have passed since Valve bought Mirage from Michael Hüll, and to commemorate the milestone, the developer tweeted that he would have handled things differently if he had known what the series’ future held.

“Today is exactly 11 years since I sold Mirage to Valve,” Hüll says in a tweet posted yesterday, February 8. “Had I known then how big CS: GO and now CS2 would be, I would never have sold it.” Although the creator thinks Valve “made a very good deal,”. He wishes he had held onto his creation for reasons other than financial gain. In another tweet, he clarifies, “I work, so money is not a problem; honor and pride are worth more.” “But they’ve made changes that I can’t agree with.”


While Hüll concedes that some of the changes made to Mirage over the years are at odds with the way the map was “originally intended” to be played. “If you test the 1.6 version, it is noticeable on the A site and in the middle,”. He notes that the changes have been made over the years to improve quality and balance. Hüll is still immensely proud of the map today, as he should be, and thrilled that so many people adore it. Even though he may not be overly thrilled with the current iterations of Mirage. “Many people are so who appreciate it, which makes me extremely happy,” says the man.

In September of last year, Counter-Strike 2 formally took the place of CS: GO. It didn’t have many of the quality-of-life features of its predecessor when it launched. It was so successful that Valve had to increase the shooter’s server capacity in the first patch to accommodate more players. The modest ‘Pokemon with Guns’ offering Palworld. However, just defeated the concurrent player record of 1,818,773, which was set by CS: GO earlier in 2023.

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