June 22, 2024

Halo Infinite

343 Industries slows down Halo Infinite support while “working on brand new projects” – right after the FPS‘ best season. Just as it announced that support for Halo Infinite would be slowing down, developer 343 Industries hinted at plans for its renowned shooter series.

In my perspective, Halo Infinite has fulfilled its promise of being a complete first-person shooter game at launch last month. And it is now on par with its older siblings in terms of features and overall fun. In addition to offering a ton of fancy new maps, equipment, and PvE options, Season 5 is the final season of the contentious game.

343 Industries:

343 Industries revealed during last night’s community livestream that Halo Infinite will be eschewing seasonal cycles. It is in favor of the more manageable “content updates” (the first of which will launch on January 30) that Halo: Master Chief Collection enjoyed for a while. The shooter will now instead have shorter “Operations” runs lasting four to six weeks. Each of these will come with a 20-tier battle pass.

“We have a dedicated team working on Halo Infinite, continuing to deliver going forward,” the development team stated. The studio intends to further develop the player-controlled custom games editor, Forge. They are giving players more control over the game and are not planning on putting it in maintenance mode or anything similar anytime soon. With the tool, the community has already worked out some crazy creations. Such as giant Kaiju fights, miniature MOBAs, and Pokemon parodies. I wouldn’t be shocked to see more.

“But we also have additional teams now, accelerating towards the future, working on brand new projects,” the group added. “We are also growing and have exciting things for the future.” The team appears to be preparing for the release of the next mainline Halo game while gradually withdrawing support for Infinite.

Although games shouldn’t and cannot last forever. Perhaps studio layoffs aren’t setting the team up for yet another difficult release process. Cross your fingers.

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