June 20, 2024

Florida Joker

Florida Joker” claims he is dropping his plan to sue for $10 million in Grand Theft Auto 6 because he wants to voice the character instead. “People are eager to use it. I am the cause of the current buzz surrounding that game.” The creator of the widely popular online persona “Florida Joker,” Lawrence Sullivan, has once again addressed the supposed parody of his character in GTA 6. This time, he’s requesting to contribute to the much-awaited crime festival.

Sullivan had earlier demanded $1 million in compensation, claiming that publisher Take-Two and developer Rockstar Games had stolen his likeness for use in the GTA 6 trailer. After further highlighting his resemblance to the in-game model by dying his hair purple, Sullivan threatened to release the GTA 6 hacker from jail and increased the amount he was demanding—up to a whopping $10 million.

In a recently posted TikTok video, Sullivan has now withdrawn all legal threats and asked the businesses to collaborate with him. “Take-two, Rockstar, GTA, we need to talk. In the video below, Sullivan says, “I’m not suing you anymore, but you’re still out your goddamn nuggets.”

Grand Theft Auto 6:

He goes on, “It’s been two whole months.” “For two months. You guys still haven’t messaged me or gotten in touch with me. Let’s act morally. Show me $50,000 or $100,000, allow me to play the part, and allow me to attend the meet and greet. Permit me to advertise the game.”

Sullivan adds that the game is now “more relevant” as a result of his attention-grabbing remarks. Late last year, the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 broke records; of course, that could be attributed to the series’ widespread popularity. “People are eager to use it. I am the reason behind the current buzz surrounding that game,” Sullivan claims. According to recent statements from Rockstar Games, GTA 6 won’t be released until it has been “optimized creatively.”

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