June 22, 2024

Epic Games Store

Once again, the first free game to be released on the Epic Games Store this year has been leaked ahead of time, and it’s a brainteaser. This is the gift that you will receive today.

The Epic Games Store Advent Calendar is almost over; just four free games are remaining. The Fortnite parents’ shop has changed into Santa Claus 3.0, just like it does every year, and it now offers 17 free games—at least one every day. Even if there were a few minor issues—such as a Saints Row that we would nearly hesitate to add to our collection despite it being free—the event was more high-quality than the previous one. Without a doubt, the free game available right now is a true masterclass in fail and try again. His successor, who is accessible today late afternoon, is already known to us.

The Fourteenth Free Epic Games Store Game Has Leaked:

The days of daily free games are soon ended. The store has a lovely daily present for a few more days. You can still obtain the thirteenth title available during this daily event on the first day of 2024. You have four days left to stock your library with creations that you most likely won’t ever release. The first 2024 free game on the Epic Games Store has already been revealed, and it’s great for solo or group play. For that reason, Escape Academy will be free to use from January 1 to 2, 2024.

This is a great puzzle game that aims to create a scripted adventure using the concepts of escape games. Gamers enlist in a distinguished institution that develops future escape artists. To place among the top Escapers, they will be put to the test in twelve rooms where they must solve a series of riddles in a constrained amount of time.

A free game from the Epic Games Store that can be played locally or online with a friend, and is reasonably affordable for your setup. Well, it’s not a bad way to begin the year. Whatever the case, it was well received by reviewers and gamers, earning hundreds of stellar ratings on rival platforms.

Fifteenth Free Game:

This afternoon, Escape Academy will be open for free. We are reminding you one more that you may add the amazing Ghostrunner to your collection till 5 p.m. A list from an alleged Chinese leaker has been making the rounds on the Internet for a few days. And thus far, it seems to be accurate. If our calculations are correct, 20 Minutes Till Dawn—a fantastic bullet hell game with roguelike elements—will be the sixteenth free Epic Games Store title of the promotion. To survive the night, you’ll have to fight off an increasing number of Lovecraftian monsters.

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