June 22, 2024

CI Games

CI Games is a studio that loves RPGs. Following the rapid success of Lords of the Fallen, which captured the hearts of a million players, the developers are currently working on their next project. According to the project’s designer, it is “ambitious and original,” and CI Games appears to have plenty of ideas for improving the appeal of its upcoming game.

Lords Of The Fallen:

Although it will undoubtedly be a lengthy journey, accepting a job offer as a Combat Designer will provide you access to information about the studio’s upcoming project. We used the data that VeryAli Gaming produced, as the deal is no longer valid.

To begin with, the game is described as an open-world survival game with a horror motif. The developer hopes to give the processes and environmental obstacles that gamers will face something special. The unavoidable Unreal Engine 5 will be in charge of everything.

The current version of this software will also support hand-to-hand fighting. Allusions to cross-platform development and potential microtransactions allude to a cooperative multiplayer game.

Economic Designer:

Character creation and weapon enhancement may also be essential components of the game. This in-game advancement alludes to RPG elements. A range of boss and adversary archetypes are also required by the job offering. Even though for the time being all of this is just conjecture, the most recent employment offers made by CI Games tend to demonstrate how important these elements are to the company.

The function of an Economic Designer is another crucial one that has to be filled. This role carries a lot of responsibility as well as the requirement that the candidate have more than three years of expertise in the field of “monetization and economics of games in a design role for a AAA game.”

When combined, these factors point to some intriguing possibilities. There is a chance that the microtransaction concept will let people down.

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