June 22, 2024


Skyrim player spends 150 hours beating their hardcore permadeath version of the RPG but still recommend stealth archers as the best way to win. If unsure, choose a stealth archer.

Recently, a player in Skyrim set a goal for themselves to finish the game on Legendary difficulty, knee-capping their runs with self-imposed permadeath and other extremely strict limitations. Redditor Inward_Perfection has finally succeeded after 150 hours and four characters lost to the fiery gates of permadeath! What’s their best character-building advice? I suppose we would all advise the same thing: stealth archer.

RPG Pemadeath Version:

Become a cunning archer! Never fails, I just don’t think stealth is fun in games overall,” the player says in an Austin Wood interview. “Illusion spells that function well in all difficulty settings, such as Pacify and Calm, are also excellent. The best stones on Legendary are the Lord/Atronach ones. Dragons and mages will be frustrating in the absence of magic and elemental resistances, as they encouraged on Reddit.

“If you’re a PC player, I recommend using a mod to disable kill cams against theĀ  Skyrim player,” they say, offering wise counsel on how to defeat Bethesda’s classic fantasy simulation. “That feature is available in Velens; I simply chose not to use it for the ‘pure’ experience. I’m not sure if it functions on consoles. Invest many levels in Health and use enchantments to make up for low Magicka/Stamina if you wish to play with enemy kill cams activated or if you are unable to install a mod. Depend on comrades or summons to lead the battle at the beginning; they are unaffected by hardship.”

All of that advice is quite helpful for anyone wishing to take on the same task. Not to mention the other noteworthy limitations, which include no unlimited stamina soups for warriors, no fast travel, no permanent followers other than friends made on quests, excessive crafting, and skill grinding. The complete set of rules is available in an interview. Just keep in mind to use stealth archer whenever possible.

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