June 20, 2024

Sea of Thieves

The rarest item in Sea of Thieves meets its unluckiest player as server maintenance results in an unbelievable tragedy: “Nobody would believe you if you didn’t capture it.” This unfortunate Sea of Thieves player will never find out about the Box of Wonderous Secrets. In the open-world adventure game Sea of Thieves, a very unfortunate player has tragically encountered a rare artifact.

The terrifying scene is aptly captured in a screenshot posted by Reddit user SnooPoems9646 in a post titled “I’m so sad.” In it, the player is seen holding a nice shovel after discovering a treasure chest marked with glowing symbols.

Like many seasoned pirates, I have never had the good fortune to locate the Box of Wonderous Secrets. This screenshot, though, contains a hint that suggests poor SnooPoems9646 isn’t even lucky. In the top left corner of the screen, a notice that reads, “Server will shut down in approximately 1 minute,” appears. The word “minutes,” which is plural when used incorrectly, gives the already horrifying situation a cruel undertone.

Box of Wondrous Secrets:

“I’m so sad:(,” the user comments. As soon as I discovered it, the server crashed.” There is no more content in the post’s body because it is superfluous and, most likely because there is a puddle nearby where one can cry.
This is the story of the unluckiest player in Sea of Thieves, and how something as commonplace and incredibly coincidental as server maintenance ruined a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire the rarest riches in the game.

The comment section is full of expressions of horror, shock, and empathy. In 2020, a player talked about a terrifying first-day experience they had with Sea of Thieves. They had not realized they had found a Box of Wonderful Secrets when they had hurriedly sunk a brigantine and taken its treasures. But before they could figure out what to do with it or realize how rare it was, the gang returned and took their rightful loot with a vengeance. “Haven’t seen the Box of Wondrous Secrets.”

Another replied, “This is one of those moments where nobody would believe you if you didn’t capture it.”Whoa… “I feel like there’s a particular component of the game code created to mock you at moments like this,” a sympathetic pirate responds. I’m sorry, man. “Sorry.” I’ve reached out to Rare to ask if they could offer any consolation or even just words of support for this unfortunate person.

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