June 22, 2024

A mechanism that enables the organization of events to promote Satellite Games Made In France French independent video games overseas is provided by the French Institute and Capital Games. This association of video game professionals in Île-de-France, to the French cultural network abroad and its partners.

Since 2020, Capital Games, the union of Île-de-France video game Satellite Games Made In France professionals, has been hosting “Games Made in France,”. It is an event that happens concurrently on Twitch and in person during Paris Games Week. This initiative, which aims to showcase French expertise in the independent video game industry, is still a huge success.

The French Institute partnered with Capital Games in response to the evident interest generated by “Games Made in France,”. It provides the French cultural network overseas and its associates with the opportunity to showcase “Games Made in France”. By offering a specially designed support system known asGames Made In France Satellites,” in their nations.

French video games have been making significant strides, captivating audiences worldwide. This article explores the concept of Satellite Games for marketing French video games on a global scale.

In the vast landscape of digital entertainment, satellite games have emerged as a captivating and influential form of interactive entertainment. With their roots tracing back to the early days of gaming, satellite games have evolved into a diverse and dynamic industry.

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