June 20, 2024

Rockstar Games

The primary game source code from Rockstar Games was compromised and made public. Yesterday, December 25, Insider Gaming, a specialized American media outlet, reported on this.

The media reports that the hacker released all of the files about Bully 2, the Python code for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, and the full source code for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Because hackers may be able to find exploitable flaws in the source code and utilize those flaws to remotely execute code to compromise players’ systems, this disclosure is especially significant.

A Leak That Could Cost The Studio Dearly

Source code in a programming language is equivalent to the software’s design.

Therefore, all of the information regarding the composition and functionality of the particular product is contained in the source code. Because development secrets may be exposed, the company may suffer significant harm if the latter spills.

Five million dollars had already been lost by Rockstar Games. It is a result of the same GTA 6 files being leaked a few years prior. The British legal system recently convicted Arion Kurtaj, a member of the Lapsus$ cyberattacker organization and the author of this first attack, to forced hospitalization until further notice.

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