June 16, 2024

Riot Games Gives Update On ERL Leagues

Riot Games evaluates the ERL leagues as the 2024 season draws near, highlighting the minimal format changes—more specifically, the promotions and relegations between the top and second divisions.

At The Beginning Of January 2024

Under the LEC in the EMEA region, ERL is a regional League of Legends esports division. These leagues are crucial to Riot Games‘ development of local ecosystems and the development of fresh talent ready to compete at the greatest levels. There are 13 ERLs in EMEA overall, split between accredited and non-accredited ERLs. If an ERL satisfies specific requirements, such as requiring competition teams to be registered legal organizations, they are granted accreditation status. The Global Contract Database (GCD) contains registration information for players from approved leagues.

Riot Games reviews ERL accreditation to make sure tournament organizers (TOs) can operate at this level and meet their requirements. Depending on how well the region performs, accredited status may be granted or revoked as a result.

Certified ERLs consist of:

  • Superliga (SL)
  • League Française (LFL)
  • The Premier League (PRM)
  • Championship League of Turkiye (TCL)

The unacknowledged ERLs include:

  • Ultralight (UL)
  • League of Greek Legends (GLL)
  • ESLOL, or Elite Series
  • Master Hitpoints (HM)
  • Championship of the Northern League of Legends (NLC)
  • League of Legends Portuguese League (LPLOL)
  • PGNs, or PG Nationals
  • Balkan Esports League (EBL)
  • League of Arabia (AL)

Change In The System Of Promotion And Relegation

The end of January will mark the start of the ERL season. The number of teams at risk of relegation is lowered from two to one for all ERLs to promote team sustainability and guarantee a steady route to promotion from the 2nd Division. The bottom team in the first division will play the top two teams in the second division in a double-elimination tournament inside authorized leagues. The top three teams from the 2nd Division will play alongside the bottom clubs of the 1st Division in non-accredited leagues.


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