June 12, 2024

OD Xbox Horror Game

The Oharai ceremony aims to ward off evil spirits. A noteworthy detail regarding the creation of his upcoming  OD Xbox horror game. It has been disclosed by Hideo Kojima: He took Microsoft’s gaming team, including Xbox boss Phil Spencer, to a traditional Japanese purification ceremony.

This was made public during the much-anticipated return of Kojima’s HideoTube YouTube series. In which he briefly discussed Overdose or OD. While Kojima refrained from discussing any major details about the game, he did state that details would be released “gradually.”

He displayed a picture that instantly became iconic of him with Xbox President Sarah Bond and Spencer. It explained that because of the nature of OD. He had joined them at an Oharai purification ceremony, ostensibly to rid the game of evil spirits and keep them at bay.

Hideo Kojima:

Spencer, Bond, and Kojima can still be seen wearing ceremonial sashes with Japanese text printed lengthwise.
“As you know before making horror movies, people go to a shrine for Oharai?” stated Kojima. “Well, it’s a scary game. So we also did the Oharai ceremony with Microsoft.”
Oharai, also spelled Ōharae, is a ritual that is customarily performed every two years to purify a large group of people for any reason, according to Wikipedia. Kojima makes a strong case that it was done to purify or cleanse his joint project with Xbox. OD is a weird-looking horror game that most likely needs some sort of purification.

Although the trailer didn’t reveal much more about OD. We do know that it will examine the nature of fear and blur the boundaries between video games and films—a theme that Kojima is progressively embracing with OD, Death Stranding 2, and the recently revealed, nameless action-spy game.

We are eager to be scared by some upcoming horror games, OD being just one of them.

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