June 16, 2024

Epic Games Store

In the Advent Calendar of the Epic Games Store, what will be the ninth free game? This is your daily present. One may say that it’s a ball. The platform has delighted PC gamers for a week running. A single complimentary gift can be obtained by every user every day until January 4, 2024. An extended advent calendar in which the mystery of what lies beneath the first box is revealed only after 5 p.m. The next free games from the Epic Games Store during this joyous occasion routinely leak a few hours before they go live. This is the day’s gift for you.

The Ninth Free Epic Games Store Game:

The EGS has been giving out gifts every day for the past week. With a tasty blend of well-known independent productions and blockbuster games like Fallout 3 GOTY, Ghostwire Tokyo, or even The Outer Worlds and all of its DLCs, the advent calendar got off to a great start. It’s a cute little puzzle game, Human Resource Machine, similar to anything that can still be retrieved, as we write these lines. This December 27 at precisely 5 p.m., the ninth free Christmas game from the Epic Games Store will take its place. Will it be a large license today, or will the store maintain its momentum with a fresh independent title? We didn’t have to wait long to find out since, once again. Billbil-Kun was in charge of giving the details a bit ahead of time. It’s verified now.

Cursed to Golf, which is accessible this afternoon, is the result. In this charming little stand-alone game, you must defeat the most difficult courses. It will not be simple to find salvation and rebirth in this game that deftly blends golf and roguelike elements. For instance, to avoid having to restart the course from the beginning, where the obstacles are always changing. You must finish a hole in a certain number of shots. A free, retro-themed game with lovely pixel art available on the Epic Games Store.

The Ninth Game:

The Ninth Game accessible for free on the Epic Games Store will be made available on December 27 and 28 at 5 p.m. After thereafter, Cat Quest, an independent production, will take its place. A fantastic, adorable 2D open-world role-playing game set on a cat-populated planet. The game’s objective is straightforward: save your sister from a mean cat’s clutches and perhaps even save the entire planet. To our extraordinary surprise, we also know who the eleventh free Christmas game from the Epic Games Store is.

Snakebird Complete, a remastered collection that combines the two excellent puzzle games in the series, is what BillBil-Kun claims it will be. The goal is to aid avian serpents in sating their appetite across 120 increasingly challenging stages as you advance.

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