June 20, 2024

Epic Games With Destiny 2

The Christmas celebrations are returning thanks to Epic Games. This year, the publisher and distribution platform of video games is once again providing a free video game Advent calendar.

The triple-A Destiny 2, the second installment in a Bungie story, is the first game of the year. This is a first-person shooting game played online.

This is the Legacy Edition, which is presently available for free on the Epic Games Store after costing 60 euros on Steam. Notably, it includes three game expansions: “Shadow Hold,” “Beyond Light,” and “The Witch Queen.” The game is available for download through December 19.

DNF Duel As Next Game:

The publisher, which launched its calendar a little later than expected on December 13, has not yet revealed the upcoming games. This is typical of any good surprise advent calendar. You need to have an account on the Epic Games Store to get Destiny 2 for free.

The fighting game DNF Duel is rumored to be the upcoming title in this advent calendar, according to a report from the specialized media Gameblog.

Epic gave away almost 350 euros worth of free games to players last year. Notable games included the somber Death Stranding, Dishonored, Mortal Shell, and even the stunning Sable. The games will be accessible for download for 24 hours. Its schedule running from December 13 to January 4.

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