June 22, 2024

Elden Ring

Elden Ring players are about to max out their real-life frenzy meter after spending 35 hours bravely explaining “the entire lore”. Rough lore elements from Fromsoftware encourage these kinds of spectacular vids.
The world-building of Fromsoftwarian occasionally explains millennia away in item descriptions for infrequent rusted spoons, which makes finding all the history nuggets just as rewarding as beating enemies. Thankfully, one YouTuber has taken up the bulk of the work on Elden Ring for us, although it has taken them more than 35 hours to complete.

The YouTuber SmoughTown is skilled at delving into the history of many Soulslike successes, such as Lords of the Fallen and the expansive Dark Souls. Their most recent series seeks to elucidate “the entire lore” surrounding Elden Ring, the studio’s masterpiece, and The Lands Between, the broken demigod-housing scenario that surrounds it.


How much time may this kind of work take? Since the open-worlder’s original release, the author has been posting shorter lore explanation films. But more recently, they have released three compilation movies that have a combined duration of over 35 hours. From describing the backstories of characters like Malenia to speculating on cosmic riddles. And concepts that were only hinted at in-game, the epic trilogy permeates everything.

The comments were mostly positive and even expressed gratitude. Creating a document with that level of detail on Elden Ring is, let’s face it, a significant academic accomplishment. Especially considering how much reading and research are required for this kind of work.

However, since this is the internet, people have no shortage of jokes to share. “Love these bite-sized uploads, hoping you’ll start uploading long-form content soon,” a user wrote. “Saving this video to watch 30 minutes every day while I do dishes,” reads another. That’s more of a podcast efficiency suggestion for you than it is a joke.

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