June 20, 2024

Two Escape Game

Sarah Lefort recently created Two Escape Game Rooms, a new activity in the area, after establishing a trail in the streets of Issoudun to look for clues at the beginning of the year.

The participants in the brand-new escape game, which debuted on November 11 at 15 Place de la Poste in Issoudun, have to finish two missions in less time: uncovering the identity of a bank robber in 1881 Tombstone and investigating the wreck of a stranded ship before it is submerged by the tide. Sarah Lefort, a Saint-Doulchard resident who has always had a strong affinity for the game, took two years to complete her endeavor.

The first stage involved designing an urban trail called The Lost Parchemin to allow visitors to enjoyably learn about the historical and cultural legacy of the city of Issoudun. Participants, each with a bag full of items, have to locate clues on the city’s landmarks and other buildings to move further. This urban route can be used year-round if the summer months are more pleasant.

A Location In The City Center

Locating a location was one of Sarah Lefort’s biggest challenges. A summertime opportunity arrived: a 107 m2 space in the heart of the city. In this, she set up the two rooms for her escape game. “There was a great deal of labor,” says Sarah Lefort. She also went around looking for furniture and other items to add to these two rooms’ decor, spending a lot of time doing so.

Open Wednesday through Sunday, the Tour des Secrets pays homage to the White Tower, one of Issoudun’s most recognizable landmarks. Played in groups of two to eight people, escape games are popular among businesses for their team-building exercises. Players can play them with friends, family, or coworkers starting at age twelve. Beginners with a lesser skill level would do better in the first room. Participants need to secure a spot in advance.

Additionally, Sarah Lefort rents out a pirate-themed 24-hour safe created by local Jérémie Jacquemin. It manages an Escape Game in Saint-Amand Montrond. Because of this, this box is mobile and you may use it at home or in a business or organization. Sarah Lefort is full of ideas for the future. One project she has in mind is a treasure hunt for kids that will launch in 2024.

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