June 22, 2024

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak

Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak is a strategy game created by Blackbird Interactive and released by other parties. The game serves as a prequel to the 1999 hit computer game Homeworld.

January 20, 2016, was the release date of this game. It is the preface to the beloved Homeworld video games. You must put together your fleet and lead them to the conquest of the Kharak desert in this fantastic strategy game.  The tale describes how the people who live on the planet Kharak were able to travel into space and construct the fabled mother ship.


Relic Entertainment created the video game Homeworld. It was that Sierra Studios released for Windows on September 28, 1999. The science fiction game, set in space, centers on the Kushan exiles of planet Kharak, who were driven from their home planet by the Taiidan Empire as payback for creating hyperspace jump technology.

Homeworld 3:

Blackbird Interactive is developing Homeworld 3, a real-time strategy video game that Gearbox Software will release.

Release Date Of Homeworld 3:

The release date of Homeworld 3 is May 13, 2024.

The Homeworld 3 Remastered:

Using the most advanced graphics rendering technology available, the Homeworld Remastered Collection brings Relic’s critically acclaimed space strategy games Homeworld and Homeworld 2 to a contemporary audience. It also includes a completely remastered soundtrack and brand-new, high-fidelity voice recordings by the original actors.

Homeworld 2:

The real-time strategy video game Homeworld 2 was created by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment, a publisher that is no longer in business, in 2003. The plot centers on Hiigara’s reaction to the Vaygr, a brand-new foe.

Homeworld Free:

EPIC offers Homeworld Remastered for free.

Homeworld Mobile:

Homeworld Mobile is a mobile strategic MMO experience unlike anything else you’ve ever had. With the advent of the Hyperspace Gates, the Hiigarans have looked outside their galaxy to explore and colonize an unexplored universe more than a century after their original evacuation and rediscovery of their Homeworld.

Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Features:

  • imposing a game of strategy.
  • The Homeworld games prequel.
  • You must assemble your fleet both airborne and on land.
  • Create winning tactics to gain the upper hand.

The Homeworld Desert Of Kharak Story:

The events of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak take place in Kharak one hundred years in the past. It follows the course of a military expedition headed by Rachel S’jet, who is said to be a descendant of Karan S’jet, and who is dispatched into the southern Kharak deserts when an orbiting satellite spots an anomaly.

Homeworld Levels:

But it feels just like Homeworld. The game consists of 13 missions in all, plus there’s a multiplayer option with five maps split between two, four, or six armies.

Homeworld Release Date:

The release date of Homeworld was January 20, 2016.

Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak Free Download:

To begin the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Free Download via the direct link, click the download button below. It is the game’s complete version. Launch the game as an administrator.

 Download Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak:

  • After clicking the “Download” button below.
  • Click the  “download now” button. Let the download.
  • After Homeworld: Deserts Of Kharak has finished downloading, select “Extract to
  • Homeworld.Deserts.of.Kharak.v1.3.zip” with a right-click on the.zip file (you will need 7-Zip, which you can get here).
  • To launch the exe file, double-click within the folder.
  • Play and enjoy yourself!


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